Transitional Housing

Record numbers are facing homelessness and housing insecurity due to factors such as a lack of affordable homes, population growth, migration, poverty, climate emergency and displacement.


We provide fully-serviced transitionary accommodation solutions for Governments and international NGOs.

Securing new futures

We create environments that are safe, supportive and stable – enabling individuals and families to rebuild their lives as they transition from homelessness to more permanent forms of housing. We do this in a way that minimises impact on established communities and avoids stressing existing infrastructure.

Cost effective

Our solutions deliver dignified and secure living conditions with remarkable economy – achieved through effective management, efficient processes and non-exploitative pricing.

Experience and scale

Our team utilises its extensive experience in humanitarian aid delivery, operational expertise and facilities management to overcome the challenges faced by those in need of transitional accommodation.

“Our goal is to empower anyone without a home to live with dignity in safe, stable conditions, as they strive towards a new brighter future.”

Dr Steven O’Brien

Director-General, G20 Foundation Board Member, CivicFirst, a Latis Group company