Special Opportunities

Special Opportunities create compelling social, environmental and economic returns — achieving an impact well beyond conventional approaches.


Special Opportunities drive innovation, implement new technologies and deepen collaboration with new and existing partners.


Creative focus and an entrepreneurial spirit allow us to identify value that others might miss. Our solutions-based and pragmatic approach can be described in our four stages of unlocking and realising value: Clarify, Ideate, Develop and Implement.


Generally real estate led, Special Opportunities allow us to exercise our problem solving and creative approach, keeping us on the cutting edge of technological change whilst exploring new solutions across a broad spectrum of challenges.


Great things happen when we work together. Working with start-ups and multinational corporations, institutions and governments the undeniable strength of teaming up alters the climate and creates radically better outcomes, attaining an entirely different level of achievement.

“We’re constantly looking for opportunities where we can drive housing innovation, meet evolving societal needs and improve quality of life.”

Harry Smith