The widespread shortage of attainable homes is exacerbating inequality worldwide.


Our strategic approach to expanding homeownership focuses on increasing the availability of quality homes and investing in innovative forms of tenure.

Enhanced supply

We are delivering high-quality energy-efficient single family homes at scale. Providing people with beautiful neighbourhoods where they are empowered to flourish through enhanced financial wellbeing and resilience.

Tenure diversity

A differentiated offering of tenure types expands opportunities for home ownership. Enabling more people to enjoy the benefits of housing security, regardless of economic background or situation.

Entry market

The provision of attainable discounted homes for sale and rent, together with our innovative Rent to Own tenure type, will enable and encourage first time buyers to enter the market.

“By expanding the availability of attainable housing we can help create a more equitable and sustainable society. One where individuals and families are free to achieve their full potential.”

Freddie White